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Financial Advisors Team

Steve Nyvik, Financial Advisor, BBA, MBA, CIM, CFP, R.F.P.

Senior Portfolio Manager & Financial Planner

“I will lead my life and practice of investing and financial planning in uprightness and honour;
My thoughts and efforts will be directed solely to the realization of my client’s goals and to shield my client from undue risk;
I shall inviolably keep secret everything that I see or hear of the lives and financial affairs of my client;
I will exercise my art solely for the well-being of my client;
and I will give no advice that is not in my client’s best interest.
These things do I swear.”
– Steve Nyvik

Steve Nyvik is a seasoned professional Portfolio Manager and Financial Planner who has been working in the investment and financial advisory profession for over 28 years (since 1992). Steve has chosen to limit the size of his business so that he can work directly with his clients and have the time to do good work for them. He charges a very competitive fee for the financial planning and investing advice and service as he wants his clients to get good value for their money and work with him for a lifetime. Steve’s approach to investing is very unique.

At retirement, you need cash each month to live from your portfolio, equal to the difference between your monthly living needs and CPP, OAS and other pensions. Steve puts together for you a portfolio of income producing investments that generate income to help fill that gap. Where this income plus your CPP, OAS and pensions is enough to meet your needs, you don’t have to worry if the market goes down. The income still gets generated and your needs continue to be met without touching capital. And when you pass away, that capital can pass to your loved ones to help meet their needs. Steve builds this portfolio through direct ownership of individual blue-chip dividend paying stocks, preferred shares and bonds as this is the lowest cost way to invest so you keep most of your income.

If you are interested speaking with Steve, on a no cost and no obligation basis, please contact him directly at (604) 288-2083 extension 2, Toll-Free at 1-855-855-9267, or by email at [email protected]

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