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Our Approach

We are Vancouver’s prominent financial advisors.

If you’re seeking an experienced financial advisory firm, here are some reasons why Lycos Asset Management may be the right choice for you.

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You have an under-achieving portfolio.

Our disciplined value investing is the solution for under-achieving portfolios. It delivers whether you are an institution, a family, a business owner, a professional or simply retired. Your portfolio may be suffering from chasing performance. You may have bought investments—stocks, mutual funds or real estate—after they’ve done well, but have stopped performing after you invested. You may have sold investments after a decline in value or under-performance. Our disciplined value investing practices the opposite—we buy more of the good companies or other investments when they decline in value.

You are busy.

You are busy and you spend little time picking or monitoring your investments, whether doing it alone or with the help of advisors. We have a solution for you as well. We professionally manage portfolios on a discretionary basis—meaning we pick the investments for you—after you’ve given us a mandate, such as growth or growth and income. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best.

You matter.

We do not have hundreds of clients. Instead, we manage high-valued portfolios for the long term. When you call Lycos Asset Management, rest assured that you can speak to one of our seasoned portfolio managers—not an assistant, not a relationship manager, not a client service representative.

Your portfolio is fully customizable.

We tailor your portfolio to your specific requirements and preferences. Your investor profile may be conservative, balanced or more aggressive risk tolerance. You may seek income, growth or a combination. You may have more comfort pursuing capital protection versus growth strategies. We focus on broad diversification and rebalancing. We assist every situation.

Your money is managed by highly qualified professionals.

Our portfolio managers have combined experience exceeding 60 years in a variety of market cycles, hold relevant educational degrees, have advanced investment and financial planning designations and have been published in print or have appeared on television.

We do what’s in your best interest.

Most financial advisors in Canada do not operate on a ‘best interest’ basis. Rather, they operate on a ‘suitability basis’ meaning their duty is to give you advice or sell you investments that are suitable for you, but not necessarily in your best interest. We are licensed as Portfolio Managers. This is the highest licence attainable by investment professionals in Canada. It requires the highest level of qualifications and experience and imposes the fiduciary standard. As fiduciaries, we always have your best interest in mind: when we manage your investment portfolio on a discretionary basis, when we provide financial planning services to you or when give you any other investment advice. We become your ‘fiduciary’ by always placing your interests ahead of ours.

We are different.

We don’t levy commissions, only a fully transparent management fee. We don’t sell you products or earn commissions or trailers from investment products. We are independent, not affiliated with institutions or products. We devote our time looking after your wealth rather than marketing to prospects. Our main source of new clients is referrals from existing clients.

We focus on your personal needs.

You may become lost in the shuffle by engaging large investment managers. We prefer to concentrate on your personal needs, dreams and objectives. We adopt the ‘pension style management’ for every client.

We use third party custodians to safeguard your assets.

Your accounts are held at a separate third party custodian. The accounts are in your name—not ours—and the custodian provides statements of account and transaction confirmations directly to you, via mail or online access.

Our fees are tax deductible.

Our professional fee is deductible for cash and corporate accounts.

We can serve you even if you live in remote locations.

We are able to provide you with investment management and financial planning services remotely using phone, email or web conferencing tools and, subject to a minimum portfolio size, we can meet with you once a year anywhere in Canada we are licensed to provide investment advice.

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