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Lycos Asset Management Financial Advisory

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Financial Advisory Services

Beyond our expertise, we care about our clients and many over the years become our friends. We believe it’s important you feel comfortable with your financial advisor.

At Lycos Asset Management our seasoned professionals are portfolio managers and fiduciary financial advisors. This is the highest level of professional standard and licencing. In the United States, Fiduciary US Registered Investment Advisers (“RIAs”) are responsible for overseeing trillions of dollars worth of personal assets. Similarly, in Canada registered advisors (referred to as “advisers” by the BC Securities Act) such as Lycos Asset Management, perform the same service: managing client assets with fiduciary responsibility.

Our Financial Advisor Team

Our financial advisor team consists of highly qualified professionals: a mathematician and CFA, an engineer and MBA, an MBA and RFP and a lawyer and CFP. Our diverse experience and expertise allow us to provide a comprehensive service and detailed financial plans.

Why Choose a Fiduciary Financial Advisor?

For any discipline or life requirement it’s a good idea to use the services of a specialized professional. Choosing a fiduciary financial advisor means selecting somebody who is legally bound to give advice that’s in your best interest. Moreover, we adhere to the codes of conduct of the CFA, CFP, and RFP designations. We also adhere to our own moral code of ethics and responsibility to do the right thing.

Financial Advisor’s Multiple Roles

As your financial advisor we assume multiple roles. In addition to managing your investment portfolio, we help you create a financial plan as well as help you with big financial decisions such as:

  • Including other asset classes in your portfolio such as private equity, private debt, real estate and others.
  • Dealing with inheritance, optimal tax treatment, paying down non-deductible debt, investing, and more.
  • Charitable giving and potentially foundations.
  • Family trusts and holding companies.

Investment Advisor Role: Managing Investments

Each client is unique, so we never toss you into a predefined investment group A, B, or C. We therefore choose investments specifically for you according to the goals and parameters set out in your financial plan. Whether you want to be very involved or more hands off in the day-to-day investment decisions, the choice is yours. You will receive regular reporting and we will meet with you to review your circumstances, plan, and portfolio. A financial plan evolves over time and requires updating on a regular basis.

We are here to speak with you and help you on your financial journey.

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