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Lycos Asset Advisory Team
Lycos Asset Advisory Team M

Financial Advisors Team

Lycos Asset Management is an independent investment advisory and financial planning firm based in Vancouver, Canada.

We are committed to offering clients the highest standard of personal service by providing prompt, courteous and professional attention. We focus on a select number of families to ensure the highest service. We work as a team to deliver the best service and value to our clients.

We manage investment portfolios for families, business owners and professionals. For individuals, we manage investment accounts—RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs and others—in most of Canada including British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.

Constantine Lycos

President & CEO

Constantine Lycos is the Founder and President of Lycos Asset Management Inc. Constantine manages investment portfolios for business owners and professionals.

“I don’t believe in hiding behind large faceless corporations, so I founded this advisory firm and put my name on it.”

Steve Nyvik

Senior Portfolio Manager

Steve Nyvik includes financial planning advice and service to his clients to ensure your goals aren’t derailed in the process if life ‘happens’ to you.

“I will exercise my art solely for the well-being of my client and will give no advice that is not in my client’s best interest.”

Rob Bisbicis

Associate Portfolio Manager

As an investment and financial planning professional, I will work with your accountant, and lawyer if necessary, to help you and your business/corporation use tax savings strategies and the most advantageous structures available.

“As my client, I solve your problems.”

Adrian Mastracci

Financial Commentator

Adrian Mastracci is a financial commentator and writer.

“My greatest hope is to bring insights and perspectives to readers. I help them become patient, informed, long-term investors. I believe personal wealth should be guided by a thoughtful plan that stands the test of time.”

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