2019 Top Financial Advisors in Vancouver

Constantine Lycos, Founder and CEO at Lycos Asset Management

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Advisory HQ Award

We are pleased to be included in the Advisory HQ’s list of top 11 financial advisors in Vancouver!

It’s not often that someone is seeking out a financial advisor. However, when they do, it can be difficult to sort through all of the advisors, firms, and services that each of them provides. Add in the tasks of gauging experience, investing style, and general “fit” for your needs, and you might have a real challenge on your hands.

Advisory HQ offers an annual list of their top ranking financial advising firms in Vancouver. Some of the things they consider when forming the list are:

  • Fee structures
  • What types of clients they serve
  • Any minimum investable asset requirements
  • What their specialties are (retirement planning, entrepreneurs, etc.)

Find more about AdvisoryHQ’s selection process.

Top 11 Best Financial Advisors and Financial Planners in Vancouver

Sorted by rating from Advisory HQ

Best Wealth Management Firms in Vancouver2019 Star-Rating
Cypress Capital Management5
Elevate Wealth Management5
Lycos Asset Management5
Macdonald Shymko & Company5
Money Coaches Canada5
Nicola Wealth Management5
Odlum Brown Limited5
Pacific Spirit Investment Management, Inc.5
RGF Integrated Wealth Management5
T.E. Wealth5
Chartwell Financial Group3


Advisory HQ’s Review of Lycos Asset Management

“With a philosophy that’s client-centered and promotes peace of mind, Lycos Asset Management is an independent financial advisory firm in Vancouver, BC founded in 2008 to offer customized financial solutions to professionals, business owners, and families.

The firm is a fee-only Vancouver wealth management firm that is also a fiduciary. This team of advisors provides objective and unbiased advice without any conflicts of interest.”

What does it mean to be a “fee-only” financial advisor?

Firms that are fee-only, such as Lycos Asset Management, do not take commissions or incentives for providing you with the best services and products for their clients. Fee-only means that the firm’s income is generated from client fees, which reduces the opportunity for biased perspectives when it comes to the client’s money. The team of Lycos Asset Management are fiduciary investment advisors, which indicates that their responsibility is to do what’s in the client’s best interest.

How is that different from “fee-based”?

Simply put, firms that have fee-based pay structures obtain commissions from third parties as well as client fees. This means they are more likely to have biased opinions about products and services that are not subject to a fiduciary responsibility.

Nevertheless, firms that are either fee-only or fee-based can have fiduciary responsibilities, including informing clients of any conflicts of interest. However, most advisors in Canada are not fiduciaries.

Our Values

As professionals, we understand that your unique life and financial situation deserve quality care and attention. We collaborate with our clients to provide trusted, client-first, goal-oriented information without external pressures from banks and third parties. Our focus is to do what’s in our client’s best interest.

Our team is committed to providing you personalized attention, generating customized portfolios to fit your goals and interests, adhering to our fiduciary duties, and working with a third party custodian (commission-free) to keep client accounts in their name.

Offering Valuable Information

On our website, you will find information about our team members, our list of services, and a resource page providing timeless advice and financial literacy for clients and potential clients. We share our expertise regarding portfolio diversification, investment strategies, retirement planning, and asset management. This highlights a small portion of what our team can do to help you reach your financial goals.

Thank You For Reading About Us

Lycos Asset Management is interested in forming long-term trusted relationships with clients both locally, in Vancouver, and across various provinces in Canada. Our team of advisors has more than 60 years of combined experience in financial advising, portfolio management, and more. As seasoned financial advisors and fiduciaries, our responsibility and expertise is framed around doing what’s in the best interest of our clients.

We are rated among the top 11 advising and wealth management firms in Vancouver. Consider giving us a call to discuss your specific needs.

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